Without being introduced by my sister to The Pilates Studio and subsequently having Alex as my Pilates instructor I don’t believe I would be as mobile as I am today. In 2014 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease which came as a complete shock as I had always been a very active and capable person. Accepting the diagnosis was the hardest part and I longed for normality. However, Alex has been an inspiration to me and under her guidance I continued to achieve what I thought was impossible. Although there must be fifty years between us (myself being the older) she has given me the confidence and encouragement and dealt with everything in a capable and professional way. I look forward to my Saturday class – some days I don’t feel as good as I would like but after one hour in Alex’s class I am ready to cope with whatever the rest of the day throws at me. ‘Thank you The Pilates Studio for everything you have done’.
Pat E

I was starting to despair as I was finding it difficult getting my toddler grand children out of their car seats or lifting them into push chairs etc…” since attending Pilates Studio this year, I am fitter, stronger, more confident and now cope easily with being a grandmother”
Anna T

Following surgery in 2005 I had almost constant pain on one side of my spine. I tried other exercises over the years but with limited success. After about 9 months of Pilates at The Studio I am pain free and move well.
Liz S


I have been a member of Mellor & Townscliffe Golf Club for 40 years and I have always enjoyed the game but a couple of years ago I had awful pains in my lower back and I could hardly swing a club. I had several hospital appointments, body scans and meetings with top consultants but I was told nothing could be done. It looked as though I would never play golf again. Then a pal mentioned Pilates was good for back problems but at first, I was sceptical and thought it would not help me. One day I noticed the sign outside M & Co on Stockport Road offering a free taster lesson, so I decided to have a go. I’m so glad I gave it a try for the Pilates Sessions have done wonders for my back and I am back playing golf better than ever and without pain. I attend the 6 o’clock session on a Tuesday and Anne our instructor has been brilliant with me. I’m 68 years old so Anne has been very patient and has really encouraged me to work on strengthening my core and the muscles around my lower back. Thanks to Anne and Pilates I feel much stronger and can now play golf with confidence again. My posture has also improved and I am back walking and cycling. So I agree, “don’t just moan about your injury or your aches and pains !…. Do something about it!”

Colin H