Pilates Extra

Would you like to get even better results than you’ve acheived so far?

How about feel better, move better and even look better?

All this without you having to come to The Pilates Studio more than once a week?!

Good news, you can now with our NEW Online Membership ‘Pilates Extra’ with Cherry and Liz’.

Before we tell you exactly what’s included in Pilates Extra, here’s why we’ve created it…

You tell us you love your Clinical Pilates here at The Pilates Studio

You tell us about the benefits, pain relief and lifestyle improvements you get from your classes

We all know once a week gets results but with a little more you would feel even better, move better and even look better.

if you are recovering from injury or surgery, we know mini sessions can also help improve your recovery more quickly!

So, what is Pilates Extra?

  • Two Pilates Extra (20 to 30 min) sessions a week for you to do in the comfort of your own home or whilst working away
  • One Seated and supported session
  • Homework exercises. Cherry and Liz’ often give you homework exercises in your classes and you often say you can’t remember them. These exercises will be filmed so now it’s super easy for you to do them!

Plus Each Month, You Will get Bonus Sessions in Specialist Subjects, such as…

  • Mini sessions for desk workers
  • Mini sessions for those of you who have Osteoporosis to help you build your bones
  • Mini Fitness sessions ‘Toned in Twenty’, that you can trust even though you may have suffered with back issues
  • Monthly zoom sessions so we can keep an eye on you.
  • Mindful Pilates
  • Diamond Pilates for pelvic floor health


You can join us live or join the sessions in your own time in catch up

Plus, if have to isolate at home or go on holiday we can still look after you and your body

You will be able to ask questions and make request both on face Facebook and privately

How Much is Pilates Extra with Cherry and Liz’?

As you are an existing Studio Pilates Client it’s just an additional £10 a month

Pilates Extra Timetable

Monday           6.00pm – Cherry
Wednesday   10.45am – Liz
Friday             12.15pm – Cherry

(Remember you can catch up at any time)

Bonus sessions will be pre recorded and put out at different time we will notify you via face book and email

Zoom Monthly sessions will be live at 7.30 on Friday Evening (recordings will be available for you to do on catch up).

More Information and User Hints

You do need a tablet or computer and a Facebook account

Please note you can open a private face book account that nobody sees but you can join us, speak to Freya at reception if you need any help!

If you have a Smart TV you can put your computer through it to join us in full screen (I personally use a projector with my computer to be able do any online classes or courses to get a better view)

We would recommend buying a stand for your phone or tablet so you can see the screen and easily adapt for standing and mat work. I’ve had some good ones for under £30 on Amazon.

If you have friends who would be interested but they can’t get to The Pilates Studio we can chat to them about joining the Pilates Extra. However, this would cost the same for them as your face-to-face class as this is aimed at those who are already with us.

Existing Pilates Clients £10 per month